Hi, I’m Kristen. I am alive. Thriving.

I’ve worked as a journalist in small town America, backpacked the UK, and floated down a few rivers in Mexico. I’m always foraging for a good bite or a scrumptious story.

For a while, I was a food reviewer for some Floridian publications, seeking out family-owned and localized restaurants with one-of-a-kind dishes. I’ve taught English at a little school near the beach—-in Japan. I’ve spent my free time staring at sakura, snagging sushi off the conveyor belt, and sampling all sorts of new things.

Fortunately or not, I’ve faced suicide, death, and other dark things that I believe people need to be aware of. With a deep breath and a bitten lip, I’ll dabble in these dark topics as well.

Cuisine. And Culture.

With a family from the American South, I know me some Southern food. I can blacken and fry fish with the best of ’em. Luckily for me– a dear friend owns a bakery, with a top secret biscotti recipe. And the other is a cook that I’d personally call a chef but she says that’s generous. Dating another equally amazing chef.

Growing up with house guests from places like Nepal, Wales, Czech Republic, I’ve been dished some yummy stories and tasty snacks.

In uni, I got a nice introduction to Asian cuisine, spending more time with exchange students from Tokyo to Taiwan than Americans.

The coffee addiction comes naturally, from a stint as an Au-pair in Seattle. Childcare requires several shots of espresso a day, and there was a conveniently located “mocha stand” nearby. Of course, there was that time I worked at Starbucks.

Something in me won’t let me sit still. Potentially the coffee.

Let’s hope that whatever it is– a lack of peace or overwhelming curiosity–it’ll keep me thin and keep you informed. Welcome to curiosity, culture, and cuisine– with a cause.
Be whisked away like I have.



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