Brewhoppin: Three Speakeasies in Three Blocks

In the mood for a secret rendezvous for Valentine’s day? Check out my latest work on for a few foxy options:

Three Speakeasies in Three Blocks: The Underground Bars of Manhattan’s East Village


All photos by my Valentine, the suave @itsandrewrogers

Published by bewhiskedaway

Curious? A San Francisco-based flight attendant, I choose to call California and Japan home, even though my Floridian and Southern roots run kinda strong. I've scribbled as a journalist, backpacked Europe, and floated down a few rivers in Mexico. As youngin' with a degree in Journalism and International studies, I was always foraging for a good bite or a good story. For a while, I was a food reviewer for some Floridian publications, seeking out family-owned and localized restaurants with one-of-a-kind dishes. I taught English at a little school near the beach in Japan. I spent my free time staring at sakura, snagging sushi off the conveyor belt, and sampling all sorts of new things dripping in squid's ink. Wherever I am, I'm eating, experiencing, and exploring my way through the local culture and taking a bit of it with me. Finally, I decided rather than trying one place at a time, I would just try them all at once. I became a flight attendant. Cuisine. And Culture. For starters, my family is from the American South so I know big food. I blacken fish with the best of 'em. Luckily, my former roomie owns a bakery with a top secret biscotti recipe. My bestie is a cook that I'd personally call a chef, but she says that's generous. In uni, I got a nice introduction to Asian cuisine, spending more time with exchange students from Tokyo to Taiwan than Americans. May or may not have dated an Asian or a Brit. The coffee addiction comes naturally, from both a stint as an Au-pair in Seattle and a mother who has the brew in her veins. Childcare requires several shots of espresso a day with a conveniently located “mocha stand” nearby. Of course, there was that time I worked at Starbucks. Something in me won't let me sit still. Luckily, I work for an airline. Let's hope that whatever it is, a lack of peace or overwhelming curiosity, it'll keep me thin and keep you informed. Welcome to curiosity, culture, and cuisine. Be whisked away. Like I have.

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