Brewhoppin: Three Speakeasies in Three Blocks

In the mood for a secret rendezvous for Valentine’s day? Check out my latest work on for a few foxy options:

Three Speakeasies in Three Blocks: The Underground Bars of Manhattan’s East Village


All photos by my Valentine, the suave @itsandrewrogers

Published by bewhiskedaway

BeWhiskedAway started as a pet project to show my mom while I was teaching in Fujisawa, Japan. I’d upload area restaurants and adventures from my studio just off the Enoden line, walkable to Enoshima. My next job as a flight attendant took me from Asia’s soil to other parts of the world, whisking me away to try an Apfelwein in the summer in Frankfurt or to have Horchata in Mexico City while I blogged. Born in Florida. Heart in Japan. Head always on Oahu. Settled in the Bay Area as my center. Yoga teacher. Opinionated friend. Christian. A life spent foraging for the perfect gelato in Milan or seeking a free toilet in the back corner of a shopping plaza in Singapore’s Chinatown, somewhere I found travels, but also troubles. Trauma touched me. More like sucker punched me. Somewhere between travels and troubles, the trauma of rape, being a survivor of suicide, I realized that the greatest adventures are rooted within. I was whisked one too many places that my soul forgot to keep up. Revisiting favorite restaurants, having Tantanmen at the Michelin star ramen joint in Ikebukuro and fondue at sunset in Annecy nestled in the front range of the French portion of the Alps, I kept looking what I’d lost. Somewhere in the world, I rediscovered what I savored most. People around the world are a smorgasbord of stories. The air is a hurricane of flavors. The causes that need saving are endless. Dazzled by the nightlights around Taipei’s Shilin night market or the fireworks on New Year’s Eve around Lake Geneva, I realized that the most thorough way to enjoy all of this cuisine, culture, and to support all of these causes, is by being complete within ourselves first. I invite you to join me on my travels, vicarious tours broken down across my blog for people who want to road trip Ireland without ever leaving their arm chair. I also invite you to join me on the adrenaline-rush that is self-exploration. I realized that the religion where I’d been raised, the Jesus Christ whom I met years ago in the South, took on a new meaning for me as I saw Him through the lens. I met an unconditionally loving Savior that traveled with me, loving the people I met even more than I did. As you read, be taken to new places within and without. As we experience the world, let us see how we can be healed, how we can heal, and what paradigms of ours need shifting in order to do so. If ignorance is bliss, I challenge us to get educated, uncover the complications, and then be part of the solution that morphs pain into bliss. Be whisked away like I have, within and without.

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