Zurich: Ten Ways in a Day


imageAs good little flight attendants, my friends and I have learned how to explore cities fast. Twenty-four hour layovers rarely feel long enough to experience a destination, but with a few shots of espresso days and a nap in the lower lobe crew rest bunks? Anything is possible!


  1. Admit if you know nothing about the city that you’re in and surrender to the plans of those around you who do! image2. Savor the weather depending on the season you’re in with a stroll alongside the Limmat, a river flowing out of the glossy Lake Zurich. Old town wrapping around both sides, the Limmat is graced by historical structures such as the Rathausbrucke pedestrian bridge, formerly used as a vegetable market in Medieval times. image3. Make your way to park such as Arboretum Zurich or Landiwiese Wollishofen with a view of the city across the crystalline water. You might even catch a little wedding on the docks like we did. Nothing but a bride, groom, some friends, and a suitcase spilling out sunflowers.

4. Find one of the many natural fountains spewing spring water and refill your bottle for the continued journey.image5. If you’re lucky enough to have warmer weather, find a beer garden. Frau Gerolds Garten, nestled among storage containers, food stands, and flower boxes filled with leafy greens rumored to be used by the Frau herself, was our summer haven for a snack. imageimage6. Europe? Aperol Spritz. Every time. Being in the German part of Switzerland, we had to get our white sausages, sauerkraut, and whole grain mustard. Of course. image7. Stop at the Wings bar alongside the Limmat, famous for its “private airline lounge inspired” interior and menu items titled straight from the airline industry.image8. Stop and smell the flowers, even if they’re taller than you. With pristine air, mirror-like water, and wildflowers abounding, Zurich is just 1,339 above sea level and only a feet feet beneath Heaven itself. Pretty sure. image9.Ensure you’re surrounded by fun people because your travel companions make all the difference in the world. For example, my crew members pictured here from the deep South or the lovely lady who’d burst a blood vessel hence shamelessly calling herself, “Zombie Eye” the entire trip. image10. Have one more spritz for posterity.




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